Ways to Avoid Getting Addicted to Online Games

Video games are the best way to relieve from stress. It is understandable that you may be an avid gamer and playing at least 2 hours of video games every day. But, when you are into something, you can get addicted to it easily without even your knowledge. There are different studies that have come up to show that gamers often get addicted and have adverse effect on their mental health. 

The studies say that people who get addicted to online games also encounter certain symptoms such as: 

  • Thinking about the game all the time 
  • Unable to go for any social gathering 
  • Urging to spend more and more time playing online games 
  • Not being able to play less or quit 
  • Getting fatigue and drowsy 
  • Using gaming to ease your bad moods
  • Started to live in the virtual world and get aloof from real world 

These are really dangerous for the people who are gamers. No one is stopping you from playing game and release your stress. But, it is also important to find out ways to limit yourself from getting addicted to it. Some of the ways are discussed below: 

  • Set Time Limits for Playing. Do not exceed the time as it can lead to addiction gradually. 
  • Keep phones and electronic gadgets out of your bedroom to ensure that you sleep well. 
  • Exercise and meditate to shift your mind from the virtual world of playing games. 
  • Go for social gathering more; interact with your friends, hangout with them more. 
  • Make new friends, read books, watch film and avoid getting addicted to the games. 

Follow these tips to avoid getting addicted to online games. You never know how it can create a separate world within your mind and lead to various mental disorders in the long run.


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