Three Special Day Bonuses at Club World Casino

The Club World Casino does quite a few different promotions and bonuses to celebrate specific days of the year. This newest news article is no different though, as they have decided to release three different promotions and bonuses that are going to be offered at Club World to celebrate three different special days. Let’s take a look at these different promotions and explain exactly how they can benefit the players at the Club World Casino as well. The first of the three promotions is going to honor Columbus Day, which is is known in the United States and many other countries, the other two promos are a bit random to say the least.N

As far as the specific promotions go, they’ll start out on October 5th in honor of the “Do Something Nice Day”. This day is going to be in honor of having someone do something nice for someone else and it’s an interesting day to honor. The Club World Casino is going to honor this day with a bonus that will give you a 100% match on a deposit anywhere up to $1,000. Players are able to redeem this coupon only one time throughout the day on October 5th. Players are allowed to use this bonus to play any of the large number of games at Club World as well.

As far as the Columbus Day promotion at the Club World Casino goes, since the United States players will celebrate this day on the second Monday of October, it is going to be the 8th of the month this year. The bonuses for Columbus Day are going to run from October 8th to October 10th, which is Monday to Wednesday. There are going to be a few different promotions and bonuses offered for this day, with five Parade bonus codes. Players are able to get as many of the codes as they want to by depositing at least $21 for each code and by availing a 75% bonus as well. The first of the Parade codes is going to contain a free bonus, and the winning code will be announced on the 11th of October and anyone with that code is going to get a bonus of $25 into their account on that same day.

Last but not least as far as the promotions and bonuses go, it is a celebration of an interesting holiday called Tuxedo Day. This one will be celebrated on the 10th of October. This holiday is because of the fact that the tuxedo was debuted in 1886 on this date. Players are going to be able to deposit $100 on this and be able to get $250 for the deposit. Players can play with this bonus at the online slot machines, scratch cards, and keno as well, but you can only redeem the code one time. The information about the playing methods for card games is available at site. The redeeming of the bonuses is great at the platform to get the desired results. The winning chances are great at the platform at the special days to get the bonuses and rewards. The availability of the correct information is provided to the gamblers. 

These are all some interesting bonuses and can get players some solid money back for depositing, so be sure to check it out if you are a player at the Club World Casino. They also offer some nice deposit bonuses for new players as well.


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