Pros And Cons Of Playing Online Poker Versus Casino Poker

Many poker pros may find online poker a little too unfamiliar as they cannot use their experience of fathoming tells while playing poker in the brick and mortar poker settings. A ‘tell’ is a sign you can pick from the other player’s subtle change in mannerism on seeing his cards or his expression when his cards are as he portrays them to be or he is bluffing. Over time poker players become experts at figuring out tells and busting bluffs. But they tend to lose this advantage when it comes to online players as one doesn’t get to see the other players, let alone decipher his body language!

Playing online poker has its shares of pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages of playing online is that you can’t pick up signs from other players and guess the game. Because it is all done online; one way to play smartly is to take your time in playing while the other player starts making his or her move. You can play poker online a lot and guess mannerisms by experience. With time you are likely to pick up the basic nuances of the trade.

In online poker such as Judi bola Online, one can get poker bonus too. poker bonus has many types are suited to different levels of players accordingly. For instance there is VIP poker bonus for regular poker players and sign up poker bonus for new comers to a site. In order to keep losing players still betting some sites even offer a cash back bonus where you can get a percentage of the lost money back.

Coming back to the subject of online poker tells. Let me remind you that pokers tell are not a sure give away of the other player’s tactics. The important aspect of poker psychology is in knowing what your opponent is thinking and thinking of what he is thinking when you think about what he thinks. Yes it is a long chain but you need figure out that an advanced player is very likely to give you false signals in order to intimidate you or bluff you.

A tell which many online poker players tend to use is by the pattern of time taken for a move. For example you may interpret that a player rises instantly when he bluffs or takes more time when he has a real hand. This is not a very safe tactic as you may be misled into believing a bluff to be a real hand if the player got delayed by some circumstances like a phone call or playing at other tables. My advice is to avoid this tell method as it may not be safe.

The other kind of poker tells is by figuring definite patterns in the player behavior when he has certain cards. You can chart out different patterns for different players. Observe and try to deduce a standard pattern behavior the player engages in while making moves when he has certain set of cards up till the showdown.

Weigh the pros and cons of playing online and in a casino and you will love our online poker casino. You also receive a considerable poker bonus when you join.


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