Pokerstars Is Recovering Fastest Fulltilt Has Non Us Withdrawal Problems

PokerStars has already paid back more than $100 million to its US players and is doing payment for future requests as well. PokerStars was the first to at least partly recover after the investigation and does its best to regain the trust of the players. Fulltilt will be probably the second on the list by paying players out but this did not even happen until now. At least the site intends to open the Fulltilt Store so players can use their accumulated points and purchase items, except for tournament tickets and bonuses. What most players have not recognized yet is that Fulltilt does not process cashouts through Moneybookers for non-US players either. I expect this issue to be fixed soon or it will be the next big hit for the online poker world. The problems of the sites only occurred for US players until now. This is the first time non-US players have cashout difficulties. Meanwhile both PokerStars and Fulltilt have their sites operating again after Pokers’ Black Friday.

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The other two rooms, Absolute Poker and UltilmateBet, do not seem to have such a promising future. Their websites are not functioning on the original domains and it seems like they will not function in the future either. Both sites try to do their best to pay out American players. Furthermore the sites have also faced security problems in the last days. Obviously things are not going too well and Black Friday might bring Black Future for both of them.

The other interesting news is about They still serve all US customers, but “the father of holdem”, Doyle Brunson decided to leave the poker site and only wants to take part in online poker business if all US players have the legal right to play. He also asks not to use his name in the future. The online world is discussing this statement however it has not yet been officially confirmed.

At the end, about withdrawal difficulties. It is not only Fulltilt that is facing issues. Cake Poker has had technical problems since two about weeks with the withdrawals. If you write an email and ask why your Moneybookers request is so slow you will get a quick answer stating that they regret their problems and make sure your money is not in danger and they will complete the withdrawal as soon as possible.

I “like” these calm news from the poker sites. They sit on the money of millions of people and they all say no one should be worried about their money because it is safe and everything will be fine. Well, I do not think this is the proper way to calm down. They should work harder and solve the issues faster because this way they will definitely not get their credibility back soon.


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