Make Use Of The Big Slick – How To Get Winnings?

The big slick is actually a hand that contains an Ace and a King. It is beyond doubt that it is a great hand and should be played in an aggressive way. Although for the most part; I see players lose all their packed stack with these two cards. It’s this false belief that the hand is actually invincible causing players to waste all their chips, only to see the pot being taken down with pocket 5’s.

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Keep in mind that you are the captain of your ship, if you want to win or for some odd reason you would want to loose, it really is up to you. Now that is what I call reality. Don’t let the game be centred on luck, I’m totally certain you wouldn’t want that feeling of uncertainty while playing. What you should do is, take away the luck out of your way as you play poker; this sort of thinking is how my game is structured rather than basing it on pure luck.

The first question that comes to your mind is “So how do I play Big Slick?” the answer again is simple: avoid recklessness and yet retain that aggressive aura in your game. Here is an example of how these things are handled properly.

While playing in a $1-2 no limit game, a couple of years while I stayed east, I wanted try out some tricks that I’ve thought of. Peter, third person to take steps before the flop, whom made a raise of $10 to play. I was dealt with a monster and was immediately right of the bottom. While the action is on me and my AK of diamonds, two of my other opponents call the bet. In contrast with other players, I was confident to locate where I’m at in the hand; which is a good thing. So What I did was challenged Peter to see how strong he actually is. I re-raise it by $40 to play.

Why re-raise? The reason for re-raising is that it will give you a feel as to where you stand next to your opponents. This gives you an idea of what your opponents are really holding. Meaning, it gives you a more precise read on the other players! Let say your opponent calls, then it only means that you most likely have the best hand at the table. Assuming that one of them is sitting on a very strong hand, they would almost certainly go back with an even larger raise or say, an all-in. It is very essential to re-raise, the rationale for this is that you would find out where you’re at in a hand. Another reason is to have power over the course of betting.

Peter who re-raise for $40, was actually the only player to call my pre-flop. However, it doesn’t bother me what hits! Remember that if you are one who raises the preflop, means your opponents are anxious to check on you on the flop. This is because, as told by good friend Joe, strong players resolve to follow up a pre-flop raise during a post-flop raise. So now you know why, this gives me a big benefit, even if it takes not hitting an Ace or King on the flop.

Now that Peter is pretty much not clue of what awaits him, an A-K by the way, I can begin playing a real aggressive approach to my play. As was expected of Peter, he checks. This gave a chance to stand for the wired pair with a $50 bet. And so I raked in a good pot with my Ace high that had caused Peter to be left with mucks on his hand.

The point to the re-raise prior to the flop is basically to get you out of hand. This is if you really need to, that’s why it’s extremely important to do so. I would have gotten mucked the hand if only Peter had come back with a larger bet or an all-in. Always consider re-raising the flop, as you can see it really did it for me.


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