Guilbert’s Strange Poker Strategy Landed A Full Win At The Bike

Johan Guilbert Is Known as a Twitch and YouTube star. Already having many fans as it is, he managed to set a record straight when he flaunted a new and weird strategy for French poker. 

What he simply did was place minimum bets each time.  This strategy led him to level his opponents so that they would pay him off each time. 

During the first hand, Guilbert used a flush draw to set a minimum bet and pull off a 3-bet the flop. At first, there a few rounds of applause as he did so but when he pulled it off for the second time, the commentators started to make him the star of the table. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see this kind of craziness in a game of poker. 

Guilbert had another opponent names Julie. As he went for a minimum bet, Julie tries to flush him off but failed. On Gilbert’s next turn, he suddenly went for an overbet to Julie’s dismay. Guilbert did it again and won for that round. 

During the final round, the flop plays normally as it should. But before you know it, Guilbert hits two pairs on the turn. This was followed by another minimum bet. With that, everyone on the table just got confused. Someone named Art raises him with a gutshot but after that Guilbert went for a call. He bet a minimum again at the river but this was just his way to make his opponent raise higher. Ultimately, Guilbert wins the game. Everyone was so amused with what had happened, even his opponents themselves. The guy clearly knows what he’s doing. 

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