Slot Machine Facts Fables

Due to the solitary nature of the game, there is much lore surrounding slot machines. Over the years, a number of fables have been spread throughout casino halls and beyond, and now it’s time lay the most famous rumours to rest.

The Jackpot Swindler

This is the oldest story in the book; a gambler is ‘working’ on a machine, sometimes for hours, only to get up for no more than a second to find out their seat has been stolen by a unsuspecting patron. Of course, it is this person, the ‘Jackpot Swindler,’ that’s always assumed to reap this gambler’s hard-worked reward; cashing in (pun intended) on his/her time and effort. In actuality, land-based slot machines feature a Random Number Generator (RNG), this is a chip used to create chance combinations on the game. The RNG affects the payout sequences, meaning that every spin could potentially be a winner – thus eliminating the Jackpot Swindler myth.

There is no rhyme or reason to when a slot machine will pay out, regardless of how much time is put in. This is a game of pure chance.

Casinos Choose Their Winners

This is another fable that’s based on the idea that casinos spread their debits on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc basis, in order to account for and balance their books. This is impossible, as it would be considered illegal. Casinos, online or land-based, don’t ever know when games are won. That being said, online casinos do use tracking measures in their software, but this is simply done to monitor player behavior, to ensure that their privacy is secure. This is an importance feature of any online casino; only play on reputable sites.

The Handle and the Button

Many experienced gamblers will claim that handle slot machines pay out better than button slot machines do. Why is this? The story goes that handle machines are tied to tradition, being older games. And apparently, say these gamblers, payouts used to be higher, and occurred more frequently, in ‘the olden days.’ Simply, this is not true. Pulling on a lever does not amount to increased leverage; button machines offer the exact same odds. In the end, it’s all about player preference, but it does make sense that gamblers would insist on rationalizing their luck, wouldn’t it? 

As with any game of chance, superstition is always going to be factored into the player’s perceived outcome; slot machines are no different. Nevertheless, differentiating between fact and fable can go a long way in understanding, and enjoying, qiuqiu online slot machines.


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