Everything you need to know about ‘Poker Lotto’

Poker Lotto is a great way to offer players a chance to win more on the popular five instant game prizes. The jackpot of Poker Lotto starts from $10,000 and boost up until someone wins. This is a watch and wins lotto game that features mainly two chances to win the jackpot. You might be thinking how to win all-in poker lotto? ALL-IN is an add-on to the Poker Lotto, which is always options but allows you to win prizes to calculate the Poker Lotto instant prize. You can play Poker Lotto on 918kiss download and register on it to win bonuses and jackpots.


Let us know how to play and get winning numbers drawn in the Poker Lotto:

You need to get a lottery ticket from your lottery retailer to play Poker Lotto with ALL-IN. Players can maximum play 3 hands per ticket. ALL-IN is optional, but it adds up to the potential prize. A lottery retailer needs to be paid before receiving the ticket. Each hand costs around $2 for Poker Lotto and $1 per hand for ALL-IN. Check the lottery terminal’s video screen to know if your hand is a winner for the instant prize. You are required to check your ticket after the nightly draw. If 2 or more cards of your matches to the cards drawn on the video screen, then you win! 

How to claim the prizes?

Players with tickets who won the instant prizes have the option to redeem their prize immediately or wait for that night’s draw. If the instant prize is redeemed before the nightly draw, the retailer tends to provide the player an Exchange ticket, which is valid for the nightly draw. This ticket indicates that the prize has already been paid. However, if the instant prize is not redeemed before the nightly draw, then instant win and draw prizes will automatically be combined and are paid to the player. 


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