Card Roulette Table Game – Understand the online games!!

Though there are many games in online casinos, millions of gamblers choose to play Card Roulette Table Game. This combined the most fascinating games cards and roulette in one and it played on single table. In this game the winning is based on the player’s right prediction and this is a little bit luck based game. The player has spin the wheel and come up with one card from the deck of 52 cards and two jokers. This Card Roulette Table Game is available in all top online casinos and this card games comes under the category of roulette. If you want to check the ratings and reviews, then you can click at site. There is the availability of the reviews will provide the correct information about the online casino. The use of the right skills and strategy will deliver the desired results.

How to play

The game starts with the bet and the player has to place their bet in the betting area. Only one bet can be made at a time in this game and numerous betting options are available in this game play. Some of the betting options in Card Roulette Table Game are single card bet, two or four card bet, all of single type, particular suit, red/black or even/odd, joker or face card and lower, medium and higher value cards. The players should select the individual card in order to place the bet in single card. For two or four cards, the player has to click the area dividing the cards. Gambler has to select the appropriate places to bet in specified card. The payout ratios are not same in Card Roulette Table Game and it varies greatly with each betting type. The different payout ratios will be displayed in the screen above the PAYS option. Several features like CLEAR, UNDO, REDO, TURBO, SPIN and REBET options makes the game play simple and easier.

Added features

Anyone new player can start to play this game just following the instructions present in the game screen. UNDO, CLEAR, REDO is useful placing the bet and the SPIN button is used to spin the wheel. The TURBO options are more helpful for players, who love to play games faster. This Card Roulette Table Game is played with a pointer wheel instead of using the ball. The winning outcome is decided by the wheel pointer and the player with the specified card only receives the prize. This game is available in free casino games websites also, so the players can have enough practice by playing the free version. Gamblers can play with the real money visiting a reputed casino website. This roulette game is rich in graphic features and it is designed with amazing zoom in feature.

Simplified game play

The board color can be changed any of the four colors present in the right top. Various details like betted amount, stake and winning payouts of Card Roulette Table Game are available in the information box. The player can utilize this information box to play better and improve their gambling skill. Jokers are not included in the bonus, so it will not appear in this game. The last five cards drawn by the player is recorded in the card history to provide bonus chance. The Card Roulette Table Game is the incredible game that mesmerizes the gamblers with cards in their favorite roulette game.


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