Best Places to Sit in a Las Vegas Casino for Drink Service

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I wondered where a person could sit in a casino to have the most frequent drink service from cocktail waitresses. If consistent drink service is important to you, you should pay attention to where you sit in a casino. Remember, your money is as important to the waitresses as it is to the one-armed bandits lining the aisles.

The Study

While in Las Vegas, I spent two hours in six different casinos to monitor the delivery patterns of the drink waitresses. I wanted to make sure I studied different types of casinos with various types of patrons and various reputations on drink service according to Frommer’s, so the casinos included in the study were Bellagio, Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall, Planet Hollywood, Four Queens, New York, and Venetian. In each casino, I sat at a table game with a view of the bathrooms for one hour and one hour at a slot machine bank with a view of the main door. I did not rate special play areas such as the sports bets, video poker bars, or poker rooms, as they often have dedicated waitresses.

Where to Sit?

The table games are the best place to sit on the casino floor and play if constant cocktail service is important to you. Across the board, a waitress was at my table between six and eight times during each hour I played a table game. The second-best location for drink service would be at the slot machines near the table pit at an average of five visits per hour. The higher the dollar amount of the slots is equivalent to faster service at the more expensive properties such as Bellagio and Venetian, while there was not a difference at the less expensive or posh properties to the tune of six waitress visits per hour to four. The worst places to sit were by the bathrooms or entrances, as these locations were only visited twice each on average.

Why the Best?

People are traditionally going to be wagering more money at the table games than at the slots. Las Vegas cocktail waitresses know they are more likely to have better tips where more money is in play. Since the close-to-table slot machines are likely to be along the path between the bar and the table games, these locations are going to be visited by waitresses on a regular basis.

Why the Worst?

People who are playing by the bathrooms are more likely to be sitting there for a short time as they wait for a friend or relative to come out of one of the facilities. These people would be more likely to turn down drink offers. People near the door will likely be stopping quickly on the way in to try the slots or making one last try before moving on to the next property. These people will be more likely to be in their prospective areas temporarily and not interested in drinking much.

Table games and the slot machines around them are traditionally in, or near, the middle of a casino. The largest mass of the bars in these casinos (roughly 60 percent of all bars in the casinos combined) are in the center of the properties as well. Waitresses are more likely to stay where the action is, and where the highest action is, in an attempt to make the most money. If regular cocktail service is important to you, play near the middle of a casino and stay away from the perimeters. Considering all this, you can also try bandarq online if you are interested in try online poker. 


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