10 Casino Customization Features

The value of a White Label Casino offer depends beside the quality and quantity of the offered games on the level of customization which white label casino clients can apply. The depth of branding and customization is decisive if visitors and players will accept your casino website as a real online-casino or will not consider it as a trustworthy place to play with real money. This article will highlight some branding and customization features which are essential for white label casino software.

The screen-shot above is an example of a flawlessly customized white label casino

Many white label casino programs are build around the games of existing online casino brands. If you get enganged with one of these companies you get a customized website but the rest of the provided casino platform is beyond your control and can’t get customized. I define such “casino” offers as “faked white labels” and this article is not picking such obviously misleading offers as the central theme.

The following list of customization requirements is essential but may not be complete although it can be taken as a good starting point to evaluate the suitability of white label casino offers.

Custom Designed Website

The casino website is essential for creating interest and laying a foundation for developing trust. You can make sa game vip account for free. All you need to do is enter your personal information and then your bank details. Bank details are necessary as it makes transaction during the betting easier. A professional looking casino website must fulfill a wide range of requirements:

  • The website design must correspond with the casino identity (name)
  • The casino name must be used as a variable everywhere where texts and messages appear and also in META tags
  • The casino logo should also be be based on a variable and must be used everywhere (also in the games)
  • The casino URL should be consistent with the casino name

Customized Games

Players expect a seamless branding experience and no weird URL redirections while playing or depositing money in a casino. It is all about trust. Providing players an unique and consistent casino identity is the first step in creating an online casino which will convert. The following aspects are essential:

The casino website must contain all typical online casino elements, so e. g. an unique casino name, inviting game previews, up-to-date promotion offers, all required legal and license information, a sufficient range of payment options.

  • Casino name in the games and game messages
  • Casino logo in the games
  • Color and style of the games should fit to the website design

Advanced white label programs allow further customizations reg. cards, chips and the table design. So more customization features – so better. The worst thing is that the design and visual experience is inconsistent and your casino games are looking cloned. A custom game portfolio and many design features are helpful to create an at the first glance unique casino. Since website and casino visitors are making decision in seconds – the first impression counts for creating interest. The second hurdle is to convert your visitors and fun-players to real money players. You can’t build trust in seconds – only interest. So once you have created interest with a well presented, professional looking website and a customized game portfolio you have a chance to buil trust.

Customized Platform

A casino platform consists of much more essential elements then the website and the games:

  • the casino back-end (sign-up, account management)
  • the cashier (payment processing)
  • help-desk (customer-service)
  • the mailer (promotions and player retention)
  • the affiliate software (for your own affiliate network)

All these for a white label casino essential elements require also a flawless branding. Customization features are additionally helpful to create a consistent look & feel which translates directly to a higher level of trust with players.

White label casino offerings which can’t provide this above described scope of branding and customization are widely useless and don’t deserve the payment of any fees or setup cost. Serious white label casino companies don’t charge a lot for the customization, they are earning their money based on the offered revenue share model. A good overview of relevant white label casino features can be found here.


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